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In 2020, I interned at Popular Science, and wrote from anything about the COVID-19 pandemic, the intersection between public health and racism, to bird photography, goats, and international cheeses.

Why do beauty filters make you look whiter?
The answer starts with Kodak color film and a model named Shirley.

The recent rise in Asian American hate crimes could have impacts beyond the pandemic
Without a reliable database, it’s difficult to tackle the aftermath in immigrant communities.

Toilet training your cat isn’t as great as it sounds
It could instigate a multitude of health and behavioral problems.

Eight tips for boosting mental health at college in the age of COVID-19
As campuses reopen, students stuck at home or in dorm rooms should take close care of themselves.

A rare ‘cosmic butterfly’ unfurls its wings in this telescoped image
Dying stars and illuminated gas create this stunning nebula.

Black mothers face high death rates. Now they have to contend with climate change, too.
Pollution and heat affect Black pregnancies disproportionately.

The safest way to eat at your favorite restaurant during the pandemic
All hail takeout.

Inhaling pure oxygen could keep your brain younger for longer
A (pricey) breath of fresh air for anti-aging research.

There’s a dangerous virus brewing in pigs—but there’s no need to panic yet
Monitoring our growing livestock populations will be crucial for preventing the next pandemic.

How (and when) to put together a social bubble
Flatten the curve first, then join a quaranteam.

Fifteen bird photos that will make your heart sing
It’s a bird’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Seven mistakes beginner cyclists make, and how to avoid them
Your two-wheeled adventures will be more fun—and a lot safer—with some preparation

Hubble just captured this ‘fluffy’ galaxy in all its flocculent glory
Fuzzy galaxies like NGC 2775 are more common than you think.

Resharing videos of violence against Black people can spark more trauma
Like Black journalists of past, social media users should consider letting viral photos and footage fade after they’ve incited action.

The FDA’s gay and bi blood-donor ban isn’t just stigmatizing—it’s also likely outdated
Critics say that the policy, first instated during the 1980’s AIDS crisis, doesn’t track with modern testing methods and social movements.

Five wild facts about the Saharan dust plume before it hits the US
This enormous dust cloud will be touching down in the Gulf Coast today.

You may be able to spot a ‘ring of fire’ eclipse this weekend
The rare event happens once every one or two years.

NASA’s New Horizons is so far away, it’s seeing stars from new angles
Things look a bit different from 4.3 billion miles away.

Anti-Black bias affects just about everyone. What’s the best way to deal with implicit racism?
We all suffer from unconscious biases.

Can implicit bias training help cops overcome racism?
Schooling police on how to push past prejudice won’t make disparities disappear, but some experts say it’s a necessary step.

How to protect yourself from rubber bullets—and why these ‘nonlethal’ weapons are so dangerous
In cities across the US, police have been shooting rubber bullets into crowds. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Eight international cheeses you need to try once
From chewing gum to cherry blossoms, learn how different cultures approach cheese-making.

Glacier mice have no feet, but they still move in herds
Researchers are slowly uncovering how these balls of moss travel across glaciers.

Goats get us. Or at least, our hand gestures.
Livestock aren’t studied much, but some biologists are investigating how much these animals can understand.

This ominous image shows the birth of a planet
The spiral arms of gas and dust are signs of a baby planet being born.

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